Diana LP8 Magnum Custom Grips in Walnut
  • Diana LP8 Magnum Custom Grips in Walnut
  • Diana LP8 Magnum Custom Grips in Walnut

Black Walnut

Highly prized for its dark-colored heartwood, Black Walnut has a long history in the firearm industry. It produces eye-catching grips characterized by dark brown to black mineral lines set against a high contrasting honeyed color. An excellent, durable, hardwood that is sure to stand the test of time.


Diana LP8 Magnum

WOOD VARIETY : Black Walnut
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Our custom wooden grips for the Diana RWS LP8 Magnum are CNC milled as a precision fit, drop-in replacement for the stock plastic factory grips. Each grip is produced from matched, book-ended hardwood blanks for an enhanced appearance. Ergonomic finger grooves provide a sure grip wet or dry.

Add a custom touch to your pistol with these hardwood grips.

  • Ambidextrous
  • Hand finished in a natural oil
  • Ergonomic finger grooves
  • Easily replaces existing plastic grips

Grips just came in this morning and I immediately put them on my LP8. The first words out of my mouth after screwing the grips on and picking up the pellet gun were “oh YEAH!”, literally. These fill out my hand better and completely eliminate the middle finger “bite” that the stock grips have. I would advise anyone who has an LP8 to buy these grips. Life without them is too painful to imagine. This is how RWS SHOULD have shipped the product. Plus they look nice. Really nice. I just can’t stop handling the LP8 now.

~Robert A.

I received my grips. WOW! I can't believe it's the same gun. It is a pleasure to shoot with these grips on my LP-8.

~Wayne G.

Love these grips! They are well made and feel great in my hand. A giant improvement for my air pistol! Thank you!

~Tom, G.

Got the grips... They are fantastic... Thank you so much...

~Gerry V.
BC, Canada

I was really 'knocked-out' by the BEAUTIFUL appearance. When I removed the OEM grips from the LP-8 and placed the new GALBRAITH BROS grips on the grip frame and inserted and tightened the screws... the 'DOUBLE UGLY' LP-8 now displayed a 'noble and dignified' look!

~Gerald R.

I received the grips the other day (thanks for the fast shipping all the way to Pennsylvania too), and they fit like a glove. They match right up, there's no overlap, and they feel perfect. The stock grips were pinching my right hand during shooting sessions, specifically my middle finger, and with your grips on there, the pistol is now better than stock.

~Chris Y.

I am enjoying your excellent grips on my LP-8. The fit, finish and feel are ideal. Nice work!

~Randall C.

I just received my Galbraith grips and am more than thrilled. The order was filled immediately and the grips arrived almost immediately as well. I wish everything in my life went as smoothly as the grips went on my Diana. They really are a work of art, combining form with function and a meticulous attention to detail. They feel great, they look great, and I shoot better... Get yourself a set of these grips.

~Peter K.

I had been considering the LP8 for some months before I eventually "pulled the trigger" and ordered one. Upon arrival I excitedly unpacked the gun and headed to my backyard range. Out of the box the gun was deadly accurate. It was everything I had expected except it was not ergonomically pleasant to shoot. The factory grips felt cheap and were terribly uncomfortable. They were too narrow and dug painfully into the middle finger on my shooting hand. After only a few shots. I would have to hang it up and shoot something else. Needless to say I was very disappointed and went back to shooting my vintage Beeman P2 (Weihrauch HW 75). I had just started thinking about attempting to carve my own set of custom grips when I stumbled onto the Galbraith Brothers site who I immediately contacted. They said the grips were still in the development stage but would contact me as soon as production had been perfected. About a month later they contacted me and I immediately ordered a set. Within the week they arrived as promised. I installed a beautifully matching, virtually seamless pair of grips that have literally changed what was an excellent gun into not only a great gun but a superior gun that is fun to shoot and aesthetically beautiful gun to boot. I now enjoy my LP8 as much or more than any of my air guns. The fun factor has gone over the top and I continue to surprise myself with the improvements in my accuracy. If you are considering or own a LP8, do yourself a favor and get a set of these terrific grips.

~Jim L.
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